Lindsey is a senior animation student at USC interested in exploring techniques and technologies to create and design immersive interactive experiences.  She is an organized and demonstrated leader, with a positive attitude and an eagerness to always learn more and collaborate with other passionate people.  

Lindsey helped start two clubs on campus at USC: the Virtual Reality club (VRSC) and a multimedia dance company (Sokamba).  Being an active leader of both of these clubs combined with her dedication in all of her animation has driven Lindsey to create innovative virtual reality and projection mapped experiences while at USC. Lindsey animated content and coordinated a projection mapped visual quartet show, Measures and Frames, with professor Michael Patterson featuring the work of David Lynch.  Lindsey is also currently directing a stop motion experience in Virtual Reality for the MxR Lab on campus (The lab where the Oculus Rift technology was born). 

On top of her in school activities and duties, Lindsey has participated in many different Internships outside of schools.  Previously at the screen printing shop, Modern Multiples, where Lindsey assisted in creating fine art prints for big name street artists like Retna, Shepard Fairie, and Banksy.  As well as creating animation content in the graphics Department at the Game Show Network.  More recently, Lindsey Interned for a projection mapping studio, VT Production design, where she animated visual concert content for artists like Skrillex, Jenny Holzer, BET Awards, DJ Remedy, and Magento. 

In her last year at USC Lindsey will be working on her personal thesis film that will be utilizing projection mapping, motion tracking, and double exposure photography to create a dance film telling the story of Plato's Soul mates.  

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