October 12th

My thesis shoot is this weekend on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Because nobody requested to book the stages this weekend before last Friday, the stage is securely ours. We went to safety seminars twice to be able to use the stage and have gotten all of our rental equiptment squared away from USC, Zemekis, and Keno. My DP and I are going to xRez on Thursday to pick up the Jaunt camera.  We are still getting grips on board.  

I met with chanel summers the sound mixer. and apparently i might not have to do interactive audio.  I may just be able to play the sound from the phone into speakers around the viewer in a dome pop up. This way it can still be used on a mobile phone and not streamed out through Unity for the final product. This makes the piece more mobile (literally).  

Challenges from this week: Coordinating and communicating with people to come to the shoot and making clear that they understand what they need to do.  Getting all the last minute loose ends cleared away.