September 28th

This week I've been busy planning the virtual reality club's demo day event for the future distribution portion of my film, meeting with the dancers to workshop choreography, and ordering supplies for the production shoot coming up October 17th and 18th.

This week my Producer, Jen, and I have put in a request to rent Marley floor for the dancers on the day of the shoot so they will not have to dance on the concrete and so that there is not as much green screen spill coming from the ground.  

We also booked rehearsal times in the Pieter Dance studio for our dancers Rissi and Ejay.  They have also brought on board another choreographer, Neaz, to have a separate pair of eyes to supervise and collaborate on the choreography.  

We are attending a safety seminar this Friday at Zemekis to be able to shoot in their stages.  

I have also contacted SCA's stock footage librarian, Dino, about getting some stock footage for my film. I sent him the list of things that I need, and he has not responded for a week, so i'll email him again.  

I am also tossing around the idea in my head of using depth data cameras like kinects to record the depth data of the dancers on the shoot to make them into OBJs in post then re-texturing them.  I have emailed Mark Bolas about this possibility and am eagerly awaiting his response to discuss. 

As for tomorrow's presentation, I will be unleashing the immense amount of information that I have gathered from all my meetings.