September 21st, 2015

This past week I have secured a camera from Jaunt with the help from my faculty adviser, Eric Hanson. We will be testing for the first few weeks on October, and then Shoot the dancers for the last two weekends in October! 

However, i'm looking into getting some sort of depth data camera to get supplemental to the jaunt and pairing that with a stereo rig of 8 Cannon 5Ds. Trying to overshoot and test a variety of things.  

This week, my funds from the Peter Morton Scholarship were dispursed and I will use this to pay for the mats that the dancers will dance on from! Unless anyone knows of a cheap place to rent mats for dancers. 

The challenges that I have faced this week in relation to my thesis is trying to get the most out of my shoot with the budget that I have collected thus far. I would love to experiment with more expensive cameras like the red, or depth data cameras, but this would make my budget go over what we have.  So I might apply for finishing funds. However, these would not come until I am in post-production mode which is not where I would need to be spending money. 

The clock is counting down to our shoot on October 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th. We have to get ready by then. I am meeting with my Dancers on Thursday for a progress check.  We will be doing a rehearsal in Zemekis stage E & D where the shoot is going to be with the dancers on October 15th and show them how much room they have to dance in.  We should probably take them over there sooner to show them. Or give them the mats we will order for them so they can get used to dancing on those! 

All very good progress. I have also secured a friend of mine who I used to work with at VT Production Design, VIckie, To help me stitch together my footage from the 5Ds and Jaunt Camera (she was trained last week for the jaunt camera wahoo!)