September 14th, 2015 Thesis

Had a lot of extremely critical meetings this week.

Met with Alan from the Zemekis Center to do a tech scout and ask about what equiptment we can use for the shoot.

Met with Mike Fink who gave me a lot of advice on how to shoot on the production shoot day. He gave me and my DP, Griffin, a lof of food for thought in terms of how to set up and rig the greenscreen in Zemekis. Telling us about John and Kay Erland's greenscreens at composite components. As well as lighting advice. And got me thinking about using a point cloud to map the visuals to the dancers bodies instead of manually tracking them all by hand. This was an excellent suggestion that I will discuss the possibility of with my boss, Vangelis at the Mxr studio. #mocap. His friend also might have a 360 camera rig we could borrow. Stay tuned.

Met with my producer Jen to recalculate the budget with the measurements from zemekis for green screen, speedrail, camera options, and flooring for the dancers. 

Google Jump also sent out a notice that they will have their camera, which is now Gopro Odyssey, available in youtube spaces.However, to shoot in a youtube space, your youtube channel has to have more than 10,000 subscribers.. anyone know anyone who likes to collaborate? 

Met with Vickie this evening who is 360stitcher who has worked for VRSE. She had a TON of great advice on camera rigs. We pretty much decided that go pros are out of the question and inappropriate for this project due to the greenscreen. Mike fink agrees. I will need to discuss the potential of making a stereo 360 rig out of 8 cannon 5Ds with Eric Hanson this Wednesday. 

I am meeting with my dancers on thursday for a choreography progress check.  

A lot of good problems to solve. Baby steps and lots meetings for the sake of collaboration and art.