September 7th, 2015

This week I have come to terms with the fact that I havn't allocated myself enough time for meetings during the day. Though I am only attending three of the five classes I am registered for, Balancing my Thesis project with the MxR Lab, classes, My Library work study job, relationships, keeping my living space clean, and being the president of USC's Virtual Reality club is proving to be to much. Somethings got to give. Unfortunately It looks like it will have to be my work study job. This will free up another 10 hours per week to dedicate to my thesis project. Priorities.  

This upcoming week I will be meeting with a myriad of different people to help me iron our more details of the production portion of my thesis: 

Mike Fink: how to set up a greenscreen for 360 shooting? Will a gopro be feasible to shoot with on a greenscreen? 

Vickie Huang (Stitching Pro): Which camera should I use for the highest quality composite with the greenscreen? Can she help me shoot/Stitch? 

Alan/Joe Wallenstein: confirming that I can shoot in Zemekis at the end of October. 

This week I met with my dancers and went over the story with them and explained to them why it is different that this project is in 360 degrees. we will have weekly check ins on thursdays for the next 6 weeks until the shoot day. but I have reserved zemekis for rehearsal days to ensure that they will have practice time in Zemekis. I will also have to order white mats for them to dance on in zemekis. Unfortunately, Rissi, the female dancer got sick over the weekend however, so this might put us a week behind in Choreography.  This is alright because the shoot isn't till the end of October.